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What to do before during and after guitar, piano, or voice lessons?

Aidan playing Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"

Lesson Time Procedures 

  • All students may enter through backyard gate to the right of our home and sun-room sliding doors.  Please exit in the same manner.  Should parents pick-up, we ask that they enter the same way.

  • Students please sit quietly in chairs in studio area.  Remember lessons are in progress.  Please use your manners.

  • Parents, it is preferred that you drop your student off.  Parent observation of lesson is by appointment only.  We will only send students out knowing that your car is here.  Your child’s safety comes first.

  • Parents, please pick-up students on time as we have many students coming and going. 

  • Should you need to talk to Jaime or Valerie, please send a note or call or e-mail anytime.  What you have to say is important to us. 
  • Students need to come prepared to lesson having practiced the appropriate amount of time with books, pencil, assignment book, and count their own sticker points towards the reward basket.  Students may spend, save, or partially spend reward sticker points at the basket near the front door. 

  • Remember, your student will only grow musically with lessons as they practice.  Please encourage this as you are investing much time and money into their musical future.

    Lastly, please review this information with your student.  We strive to provide a professional and safe environment for all of our students.

    Any questions, call Jaime or Valerie at (512) 310-7497 or e-mail us at

Bryce's 1st recital playing "Wild Thing"

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