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Students play a variety of genres such as Allegro Grazioso & Moon River!

  • Just getting started?  If you can borrow a keyboard from a friend or family member, that's a great place to start!
  • Ready to make an investment?  We recommend a full, 88-key piano or digital keyboard with weighted keys and a pedal. As well, find an appropriate bench or chair for arms to have an "L" shape.  Younger students may need a small stool to raise and support legs.
  • Our Studio go-to music store?  Strait Music, servicing the Central Texas area, is a great resource for keyboards and pianos and provide a variety of payment plans for both new and used instruments.  They provide piano tuning services as well.  Our studio has been a satisfied customer for many years!
  • Where else to shop? Craig's List, discount, electronic stores and large Clubs such as Sam's or Costco often have great keyboard deals especially around the holiday season.
  • Books?  We use the Piano Adventures series including Lesson, Technique, Theory and Performance.  As well, we supplement with Alfred's Mastworks Classics and Scales, Chords, Arpeggios & Cadences.  Throughout the year, students may also have a varied genre solo and holiday pieces centering around their personal musical style.
  • Other stuff?  We also recommend a portable, digital metronome to practice with at home and bring to lessons.  It is also great idea to have a bag or backpack to transport these items.

...and Greig's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" & Disney's "It's a Small World"

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