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Burgess Family Spring 2015 Recital

"My 9 year-old son has taken guitar lessons from Jaime Castillo for a little under two years.  He walked into his first lesson without knowing how to read music and had never picked up a guitar.  He can now play over 40 songs ranging from the Beatles to the Stone Temple Pilots!  Jaime is an incredible musician whose love for teaching and music are contagious!  Cullen looks forward to every lesson and walks out with great self-esteem and the motivation to play even better the next time.  Cullen never seems to lose interest because Jaime allows him to be involved in his music choices and always shows him that 'something extra' (a cool riff or how to use a capo).  I cannot say enough great things about the Castillo Music Studio and am so glad we found Jaime!"
 -Heidi A., Castillo Music Studio guitar student's parent

"My children are blessed to study piano under Ms. Valerie for more than 4 years now.  Ms. Valerie is a wonderful, caring teacher.  She takes time to understand her students and learn their individual learning style.  Ms. Valerie both captivates and motivates while challenging my children to express themselves through music.  My children love to learn and look forward to their weekly lessons.  After only two lessons, my then 5 year-old son, was able to play his first recital performance pieces.  Today, he has the Nutcracker Suite by Peter Tchaikovsky in his repertoire.  Ms. Valerie has made a positive impact on my children's music education.  They love music.  The Castillo Music Studio plays a vital role in laying a good foundation that will facilitate my children to continue pursuing music studies.  We love the Castillo Music Studio!"

 -Sibyl L., Castillo Music Studio piano students' parent

"My name is Kim Francis, and I have known the Castillo's since 2000...  Since then, I have sent my kids to the Castillo Music Studio for numerous reasons.  My oldest son struggled academically, so we had Valerie tutor him.  He ended up getting commended numerous times over the years on his TAKs.  Last year, he passed his exit level TAKs in all subject matters.  I can't help but think Valerie was a part of that as she guided him through some difficult years.  We have also taken guitar and piano at the Castillo Music Studio for a couple of my kids.  I have found the Castillo's to be caring professionals who work great inspiring kids.  Both Valerie and Jaime are certified Texas teachers and any kid would be lucky to have them as instructors either in public school or their studio.  One of my sons in particular took guitar from Jaime.  And, although he didn't stick with that instrument, it was his first musical lesson of any kind.  As a 7th grader,  he made all region band on trombone.  He's in 8th grade now and continues to blow us away as he excels as a musician and with leadership.  I truly feel that we owe Jaime for much of this as he provided a very positive musical experience...I highly recommend the Castillo Music Studio.  Enroll your kids today!"

-K. Francis, Event Coordinator,

"I love piano lessons at Castillo Music Studio because of all the fun we have with every piece of music we do.  Ms. Valerie lets us play all types of music like jazz, rock and roll, classical, and more.  We always find a funny thing to talk about too."

-Abbey T., Castillo Music Studio piano student

"Mr. and Mrs. Castillo make music fun and challenging.  They help us make sure our music is played correctly and loud, and they make us feel comfortable and excited each week to play our music.

-Matthew V., Castillo Music Studio piano student

Coral at the Spring Recital
Matthew, playing the Hobbit theme "Misty Mountain"
Thea playing "Made New."

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